Are you ready for a foosball coffee table?

Lately as Ive been surfing in California, not at the beach but on the internet. I’ve been seeing quite a few cool looking furniture style foosball tables. These are some beautiful looking pieces of high-end furniture, and I do mean high-end furniture, costing upwards of $2500. As a professional tournament foosball player I was intrigued when I saw a foosball coffee table. My first thought was “Hallelujah” my prayers have been answered! A foosball coffee table is great for watching sports, drinking beer, and playing foosball at the same time. All three of which I love. But not necessarily in that order. I immediately emailed my friends a picture of this fine furniture ensemble and began to plan out my new living room. So, I moved the couch over and turned the chair a bit to the right. Now, I was ready for a foosball coffee table and didn’t want to get stuck with a cheap toy foosball coffee table from Big Lots.

Free Warrior Foosball Table

You can’t sell an old pro a foosball coffee table.

What I forgot was most of my friends were old professional foosball players that played on the Pro Foosball Tour back in the 80’s and 90’s. They instantly picked apart that fine piece of furniture. Poor thing never had a chance. They didn’t verbally abuse the furniture quality so much but more or less had all kinds of criticism for the foosball aspect of the table. Quickly they noticed the parts and components were not tour quality. Then chatted it up about how easy the hollow aluminum rods would bend after the first shot. They talked about how the foosball men where not made of high quality ABS plastic and would easily break at the foot. Then how slow the foosball bearings would be, especially after a drink spills off the table and onto them. That’s going to be tough to clean. They even noticed there was no leg levelers. How can the ball roll strait if you can’t level the table? By the time they got to the fragile glass top of the table and how it will  break after one solid blocked shot smashed up against it. Well, I  was already replacing my couch to its original spot in the living room. Apparently, you can’t sell an old pro a foosball coffee table from Big Lots.  At least not if they ever want to win on tour again!

Here’s a table fit for a pro

If your looking to buy a great tournament quality professional foosball table for $599 try Warrior Table Soccer. The Warrior Pro Foosball Table is ITSF & USTSF recognized. They use only the highest quality parts and components including chrome finished high grade solid steel foosball rods, ABS plastic for their injection molds of men and bearings. Of course their table is equipped with leg levelers too. This table is built to impress the professionals on the Pro Foosball Tour and is sure to be a winner at the home, office or school.  Now, I can still recommend spending over $2500 to buy a foosball coffee table, as long as you never ever play foosball on it.