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Foosball Tournament Results

View professional foosball tournament results from past events.

Here at Warrior Table Soccer we are proud to list all of our Pro Foosball Tournament results. To see your name in lights on this page is quite an accomplishment. Warrior tournaments can be the toughest on Earth with the frenzy of competition that attends. You’ve played the rest now here is the best of each professional tournament ran by Warrior Table Soccer. Here you’ll see top professional player names starting with World Champions like Todd Loffredo, Terry Rue, Tony Spreadamen, and Dave Gummenson. We are proud to announce that the finest World Champions in the women’s division also show consistent attendance on the Warrior Pro Tour. Ladies like Liz “Hill” Moore, Christina Fuchs, and of course Moya “Tielens” Regan.

New tournament results are posted shortly after each tournament. ITSF Qualifying champions are posted here too. Congratulations to all the money winners from the Warrior Pro Foosball Tour. Thanks for all the dedication and support that made this another great year for professional foosball on the Warrior Table Soccer tour. We looking forward to next years champions and more foosball tournament results to come.



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Warrior ITSF Master Series Cathedral City 2014

Warrior ITSF Master Series Desert Classic California State 2015

Warrior ITSF Master Series Summer Splash Baneberry TN 2015

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