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Warrior Table Soccer Company – The #1 Foosball Table Manufacturer

Foosball Table Manufacturer

Warrior Table Soccer is the premier foosball table manufacturer is the USA. The game of table soccer originated in Europe and was introduced to America in the 1960s. In the 1970s, a company known as “Tournament Soccer” put table soccer on the map, with huge prize money tournaments and first class events. Since then, the US has rapidly become the host of the largest professional foosball tournaments and home to the world’s greatest players. With soccer growing and youth soccer exploding in the United States, the timing is perfect for the sport of table soccer to break out, yet the frequency of tournaments, the quality of tournaments, the size of the purses, and the availability of quality new and used foosball table and parts at reasonable prices has diminished as competition in the marketplace has dried up. It is our mission at Warrior Table Soccer to change this. Welcome to the big leagues!

To give you a little background, Warrior Table Soccer is an outgrowth of Warrior Custom Golf, a hugely successful custom golf club builder based in Irvine California. Founded by professional foosball player and now new and used foosball table manufacturer Brendan Flaherty. Warrior Custom Golf has revolutionized the way custom golf clubs are sold, in response to a bad experience Brendan had while trying to purchase a new set of golf clubs. With so much room for improvement in the sport of table soccer, it was just a matter of time before Brendan’s love for the game influenced him to put his money where his mouth is and step up and make a difference in the future of table soccer and become a professional foosball table manufacturer.

Warrior set out to structure its entire program, not in the old school glass is half full approach, but with a fresh new approach, best described as the sky is the limit. In our first tour, Warrior has awarded a million dollars in cash and foosball prizes— the largest debuting series to tournaments ever. Warrior’s tour is aiming to truly be worldwide, with planned events in Japan, France, Germany, Mexico, and South America, in addition to the US Tour. Try a professional new or used foosball table today.

There are many things to be addressed as we work together to elevate our sport to the heights it deserves. To quote a famous tournament soccer slogan, “Get down, get ready, and win!” Only this time around, the big leaguers will be playing and winning with Warrior Table Soccer.

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