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Foosball Table Dimensions

Foosball Table Dimensions come in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from the larger Professional style foosball tables used on the Warrior Pro Foosball Tour down to the smaller ones sold at large department stores during Christmas. Not to mention the tiny desktop toys for the office.  After reading the article, don’t forget to brush up on some of the more common foosball rules.

Foosball Table Dimensions Vary By Cabinet Size

Foosball table dimensions can be quite different starting with the size of the walls of the foosball table cabinet. These foosball table cabinet walls are usually made of solid MDF that is manufactured and then cut in 3/4 size boards. The smaller style toy foosball tables that are sold as Christmas presents at stores such as Walmart, Target and Costco use only one MDF 3/4 size board throughout their foosball table cabinet. This allows them to package the foosball table in one box which takes up less space in the store. The larger professional style foosball tables are twice as sturdy and use two 3/4 size boards throughout their foosball table cabinet. This provides the cabinet with more weight, strength, and durability. The Warrior Pro Foosball Table is packaged in three boxes and can be shipped strait to your home, school, or office.

Warrior Pro Tour Foosball Table Dimensions

Foosball Table Cabinet Dimensions: 54 5/8”L x 31 ½”W x 36 ½”H (w/levelers)
Foosball Table Shipping Weight: 202LBS
Foosball Table Playfield: White HPL inner walls, green PVC laminate with black striping and a 3-color WTS Logo
Foosball Table Leg & Side panels: Black PVC laminate

Major Difference In Foosball Table Parts And Components

Besides the foosball table dimensions on the cabinet size, a more significant factor is usually found in the quality and design of the foosball table parts and components. This is where the Warrior Pro Foosball Table separates the men from the boys. Here are some major differences between the department store tables and the Warrior Pro Foosball Table;


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