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Foosball Instructional Videos

Foosball Videos are not only instructional, they make a great gift for any foosball player.  Enjoy past and current professional Foosball Instructional Videos from Warrior Table Soccer. These videos include championship finals matches from all major pro tour tournaments and ITSF qualifiers. For those of you  practicing at home we also have excellent instructional videos. Check out the lovely Valerie’s video. Your sure to learn something! For those of you that bought a new pro tour foosball table recently, we also have a simple table assembly video. This assembly video will show you how to put your Warrior foosball table together in 15 minutes or less.  We’ve got lots of great foosball photos as well.

Our Pro Tournament Foosball Videos will show the greatest male and female players throughout the land. You’ll see World Champions foosball players such as, Todd Loffredo, Tony Spreadamen, and Tony Bacon. The class of female World Champions is second to none at a Warrior Pro Tour Tournament. Players like Liz Hill and partner Christina Fuchs show off their talents. If your looking to see the best in Push, Pull, Snake, and Kick Shots you’re able to watch them here on our Warrior Pro Tour Foosball Instructional Videos.


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